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What's in a Name?  For a Cycling GPS

What's in a Name? For a Cycling GPS

Our name, Refactor Fitness, might make you pause and think that we're creating new words.  Or possibly you do recognize the word, but you're not sure how that would apply to a company who makes cycling GPS computers.  Fair question!  Allow us to explain.

Our name, refactor, is a term that's common in computer programming.  It's something that's done when you take code and remake it better, cleaner, faster, and easier to understand.  It's good coding practice and all good teams do it regularly.  So how does that get to cycling computers?

The vision we have for the software app we're running is something that can evolve quickly, and release regularly to add exciting new functionality.   New delights and useful enhancements delivered on the order of weeks, not months (or more).  Our hardware is so featured and capable that you're not just buying the functionality of the device as it is, you're buying the future expanded capabilities as well.  Similar to what Amazon is doing with Alexa, or the updates you get on your Android phone from Google.  We want you to still be discovering new and useful features years from now, and the belief in supplying frequent releases is right in the name of our business.